Age of earth dating

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After another 1.3 billion years, only 250 atoms would remain, while there would be 750 atoms of argon-40.

A third half-life would reduce the potassium-40 to 125 atoms, with 875 atoms of argon-40.

This explanation can be called the mature-earth creation hypothesis.

In summary, the age of the earth as calculated by radiometric dating methods remains one of the more problematic issues for creationists.

In this case, the entire planet would be about 6,000 to 10,000 years old.

Biblical scholars do not agree on whether the Bible indicates that the planet Earth was created at the beginning of creation week or if it was already present as a lifeless, wet and dark planet here prior to creation week.

Thus, the question of the age of the Earth could refer to the time since the Genesis creation week or to the time since the planet was first created.

This theory proposes that Genesis refers only to the creation of life on the planet, and not to the creation of the planet itself.

This idea is sometimes called the two-stage creation hypothesis.

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The amounts of parent and daughter materials can be measured very precisely, but the accuracy of the date depends on the reliability of three major assumptions: constant decay rate; closed system; and initial concentration.

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